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Meet Your Team

Meet Your All Families Surrogacy Team

Wendie Wilson-Miller


With over 20 years of industry experience, Wendie has existing relationships with clinics, doctors, attorneys and many other professionals in the surrogacy and egg donation industry, nationally and globally. She purchased AFS in October 2020, and is proud to carry on the amazing work AFS has done in the surrogacy industry since 2014. Wendie is the respected co-founder of the Society for Ethics in Egg Donation and Surrogacy (SEEDS), a national non-profit organization with over 300 members, providing an educational resource to egg donation and surrogacy industry professionals to promote ethical industry practices. Wendie also wrote The Insiders Guide to Egg Donation, which won a gold medal Ben Franklin award in 2013 for its LGBTQ chapter. On a personal note, Wendie is a married mom of 2 young boys, a health and fitness guru, and the kind of loyal and steady person you want in your corner.

Kaylyn Hawkins

Director of Finance

Kaylyn Hawkins is the Accounting/Business Manager for All Families Surrogacy, LLC.

She is responsible for all of the “behind the scenes” operations that keep our company running smoothly, including accounting, reporting, forecasting, managing the workflow for each surrogacy case, and maintaining accurate client files. Kaylyn brings over 25 years of operations and management experience to her role as Business Manager.

As a wife and mother to two children, Kaylyn values family and loves being part of helping to create new families every day at AFS. Kaylyn and her family live in Portland, Oregon and enjoy spending time at the local museums, parks, beaches and beautiful forests.

Shawna Johnson

Director of Operations

She has worked with hopeful parents navigating egg donation and surrogacy cycles for over 15 years. In addition, Shawna was an egg donor to several wonderful intended parents, as well as a surrogate for a high profile couple in Los Angeles, CA. Shawna has been featured in People Magazine and took part in a reality series documenting her surrogacy journey. She has spoken internationally about surrogacy and egg donation in the US, and has testified to the senate in Denmark in an effort to improve their surrogacy laws.

Shawna currently lives in Danville, CA. with her husband, two children and three dogs.

Tawni Boedeker

Coordination Manager

As a Surrogate Coordinator, Tawni is responsible for managing all of the day-to-day aspects of each surrogate’s journey and ensuring each surrogate has the support they need. She became interested in surrogacy when she was pregnant with her first child after a close friend struggled with infertility and went through the surrogacy process. It’s been an integral part of her life since.

Tawni brings several years of administrative experience to her position and is also an experienced surrogate. She is married to her high school sweetheart and is the mother of three boys. She enjoys family trips, watching her boys play sports, exploring the outdoors, and game nights in her free time. She also has a passion for animals and adores her goldendoodle, Henry.

Amber Patterson

Marketing Manager & Case Coordinator

Amber has more than 15 years of experience in surrogacy and egg donation. As a 3-time gestational carrier, 1-time egg donor, and gestational carrier peer mentor for 12 years, Amber prides herself in effective and meaningful communication and above all, seeks to lead each situation with compassion and honesty, leaving each encounter better than when she entered it.

Amber grew up in the Midwest, on a dairy farm, of all places. She has been married to her childhood best friend turned teenage sweetheart for 22 years and has happily lived in many places throughout the United States and abroad before settling down, in San Antonio Texas. She is the proud mom of three amazing humans ranging in age from 10 to 20 years old, and six 4-legged fur babies.

Amber Lowe

Case Coordinator

Amber first learned about surrogacy at a very young age during a health class in high school, and ever since that moment, she knew that it was something that she would eventually pursue. She came to AFS as a surrogate and welcomed twins in November 2021 for the most wonderful set of IPs! Following her journey, Amber fell in love with being a part of helping other people’s dreams come true. 

In addition to being an experienced surrogate, Amber brings 14 years of management and leadership skills to her position. She prides herself on her ability to empathize and to offer the individual support and guidance that each surrogate needs. 

Amber is married and a mother to two very goofy boys. In her free time, she loves to learn about science and outer space and enjoys spending time with her family by exploring the state she lives in and spending cozy evenings at home watching her favorite shows.

Krystle Gard

Education Coordinator

Over the past several years, Krystle has been a birth and postpartum doula, client coordinator for a birthing center, and a surrogate herself. Krystle is an experienced surrogate with AFS, having completed three journeys with her intended parents. Krystle holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering, as well as a Masters in Geological and Environmental Engineering. With the analytical skills honed through her years as an engineer, and the heart-centered intuition she practices as a doula, Krystle brings a unique balance of structured organization and attentive, compassionate care to her role.

Krystle is married and a mom of three boys who fill her life with excitement and adventure. Her family loves the outdoors and they get outside as much as possible. When Krystle is not supporting families, she is in the kitchen cooking! 

Courtney Augustin

Operations Assistant

Courtney has been interested in surrogacy since she saw Phoebe on “Friends” carry triplets as a surrogate. After welcoming 4 of her own children, Courtney knew it was time to help someone else make their family.  In March of 2016, she delivered a beautiful set of twins for an amazing pair of daddies with AFS.

Since the birth, Courtney has been interested in helping other women become surrogates. She assists AFS with various operations duties, including surrogate medical records, operations, and financial and escrow assistance.

Courtney is involved in La Leche League as a volunteer and enjoys finding adventures with her family. 

Tina Barbagallo

Executive Administrator

Tina’s introduction to third party reproduction was through egg donation while in college. The thought of helping others in need was very appealing from the start and an added benefit was being able to quickly pay off student loans. Tina felt this was a “win-win” situation. To this day, nothing has compared to her experience as an egg donor. After each cycle she couldn’t wait to be matched again and help someone else. Eventually she began working in the industry and has made it her life’s work for over two decades.

“It never stops making me happy to help hopeful parents through the process of realizing their dream of a family. In sharing my own story with them, they are able to see the other side of the experience and realize just how much it means to help create a family.”

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