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Mother’s Day MVPs

In honor of Mother’s Day, let us give a standing ovation to the incredible women who choose
to become gestational carriers! These superheroes embark on a wild ride, donning their capes
(or hospital gowns and paper sheets) offering up their bellies as an Airbnb for tiny humans that
might otherwise never find their way into being. With guts, giggles, gallons of prenatal vitamins
sprinkled in with the relentless assault of three grueling months of daily injections, turning their
once pristine posteriors into pincushions, they stand beside another, helping to carry a bit of the
indescribable weight of longing, while staring into the face of adversity and yelling “Bring it on!”.

They are a pillar of strength, battling cravings that can only be calmed by a midnight snack run,
and bravely navigating the ups and downs of pregnancy while mastering the art of morning
sickness in between school runs, like the gestating pros they are. Their hearts are bigger than
any baby bump as they selflessly carry the dreams of others in their womb-shaped fanny-packs.

They are like magical storks, delivering bundles of joy to families in need, with a side of stretch
marks and swollen ankles. Through it all, their why remains clear. To share the joy of grins and
whimpers, first words and steps, and a love that is only truly understood upon meeting your
child for the first time. Surrogates are beacons of light during dark nights and stormy seas and
the love that they carry multiplies with each passing wave that washes along a shoreline, slowly
grinding down the obstacles that once seemed too large to overcome into tiny, glistening pieces
of sand, now easily maneuvered.

So here is to the gestational warriors, the champions of motherhood! Let us raise a glass and
toast to their epic journey of sacrifice, love and more stretchy pants than they ever thought
possible. They are not just carriers; they are the ultimate Mother’s Day MVPs, leaving a legacy
of hope and a trail of love and dirty diapers in their wake! Cheers to them!

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