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Press Release: All Families Surrogacy Says ‘Bon Voyage’ to Three Staff Surrogate Babies

BEAVERTON, OR – January 9, 2016 – All Families Surrogacy celebrated the
departure home of three healthy surrogate babies birthed by AFS staff members
in the month of December. The majority of AFS staff are experienced surrogates,
giving the agency a unique, personal perspective regarding the qualifications
and needs of surrogates.

Early December, AFS welcomed twins, one boy and one girl, to the world. Their
surrogate, Angela, is also the Surrogate Case Manager at AFS. “I’m so happy to
see the babies are healthy and thriving,” she said after their arrival.
At the end of the month, AFS Surrogate Intake Coordinator Erin delivered a
baby girl to the delight of her proud fathers. “Surrogacy has been an amazing
experience,” she said, “I can’t even really put it into words.”
The three babies spent some time in Oregon over the holidays and into the New
Year before returning home with their parents early January. While the departure
can be bittersweet for all involved, the new families will remain in touch with the
AFS surrogates and community.

About All Families Surrogacy

All Families Surrogacy, LLC is a gestational surrogacy agency in the Portland,
Oregon metro area, focused on helping the LGBTQ community become parents
through surrogacy. All Families Surrogacy, LLC is owned and operated by a
lesbian mother and former gestational surrogate.

Download the PDF of the Press Release Here

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