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A Note From Wendie Wilson-Miller

Every person is a story. And at the heart of every story is an adventure or a journey. A quest for meaning or accomplishment. The name we chose for our agency – Gifted Journeys – and the name of our partner organization – All Families Surrogacy – are an acknowledgement of how special each person, each life, and each choice is in determining our individual paths through life. As we move into a new year we open ourselves to the changes and opportunities to come while giving thanks for all we’ve learned and experienced up to now.


It’s with a great deal of excitement and a full heart that our companies will be officially merged as of January 1, 2023. We have brought the best of both worlds together to make for an even better experience for all of our intended parents, egg donors, and surrogates.


Let’s continue to explore the possibilities of life and family together, and remain committed to the institutions of love and kindness for all, regardless of tradition.



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