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Are You Ready to Become an Intended Parent?

There has never been a time when surrogacy has been so visible in popular culture. As celebrities like Elton John, Kanye West, and Kim Kardashian become parents via surrogacy, the general population now has a more developed understanding of the surrogacy process than ever.

For couples struggling with fertility, same-sex couples, and others in need of assistance to become parents, surrogacy presents an ideal option for starting a family. However, no precise method exists of knowing whether or not becoming an Intended Parent is the right path to take.

Dealing with infertility

Infertility is difficult. You may have tried in-vitro fertilization or made other attempts to have a child biologically. You may have exhausted all your options in becoming pregnant and feel like you’ve lost hope.

If you feel this way, you’re far from alone. Many intended parents’ journey begins with the difficulty of infertility, which can weigh heavily on interpersonal relationships, physical and mental health, and more.

Research has shown the psychological impact of infertility to be as painful and impactful as chronic pain, HIV, cancer, or other illnesses. With men, the impact is also emotionally distressful, resulting in physical pain, sexual dysfunction, anxiety, depression, and other effects. After a time, the expense of repeat fertility treatments can cause further strain on the relationship between couples. At this point, many couples give up altogether. But others look to surrogacy as an alternative.

Other reasons for seeking surrogacy arrangements

Same-sex couples are often candidates for intended parents, given that having a child naturally is biologically impossible, and surrogacy allows the IPs to have a genetic connection with their child.

There are important questions to ask yourself:

Am I ready to make this big decision?

Am I psychologically and physically equipped to become a parent?

How will I go about making this happen?

There are rigid requirements to fulfill to become an intended parent. Physical, psychological, and other health screenings are required, as well as financial stability and a concrete, stable living situation. Read more about the requirements for intended parents.

Using a surrogacy agency

As we move into a new decade and nontraditional families become a far more visible facet of popular culture, the resources for nontraditional families are also more available. Pairing with an experienced surrogacy agency can be the best method in developing your non-traditional family.

At All Families Surrogacy, a core part of our mission is making surrogacy an available option to a wider range of Intended Parents. We do this by providing different customized programs that support your specific needs. Whether you need a full-service program, match-only, or case management, our agency fees fall far below the typical agency standard.

What steps should I take?

It all begins with research. Educating yourself about the experience is the best first step in becoming an intended parent. There are many factors and scenarios involved in the process of surrogacy, and no experience is alike, though you may find that you have the same questions and concerns as other IPs.

When you read about the experiences of our surrogates and IPs, you’ll see that many intended parents develop a lifelong friendship with their surrogates and family members. Read through our testimonials.

If you’re wondering how you can find the right answers to these questions, a qualified surrogacy agency like AFS can help to point you in the right direction. Get in touch and a member of a team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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