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Can You Make a Living Being a Surrogate?


Sure, we’ve all been in chats or read stories or blogs about “professional surrogates” who embark on “multiple journeys” with “few complications,” but that is rare.  So rare, in fact, that it is more likely this scenario is either surrogate lore or some malarkey involved.

First of all, there is the timing and recovery in-between journeys that needs to be taken into consideration.  When I typed this answer into Google to corroborate what I thought as already industry standard, I was alarmed to find out that what frequently comes up is “a minimum of 3-months in-between surrogacy journeys.”  THREE MONTHS!?!?  Unless a male RE is railing coke off a hookers ass while he imagines dollar signs next to an assembly line of uteri, this would otherwise be considered medically dangerous.

A few things to consider:

(1) Even our most flexible fertility doctors would require a minimum of 6 months in-between birth and next transfer (assuming that it was an uncomplicated vaginal birth).  Most would make an exception at 9 months and virtually all would prefer a year.  For an uncomplicated C-section, 1-year minimum would be the standard requirement.

(2) A vagina isn’t a clown car.  We have a finite amount of babies who can safely pass through our bodies before things get dangerous.  In accordance with the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, a surrogate should only have a maximum of 6 total pregnancies.  Since a surrogate must have given birth to at least one child of her own previously, the math breaks down as such at the low and high end:

1 child of her own = max amount of acceptable surrogacy journeys would be 5.

5 children of her own = max amount of accept surrogacy journeys would be 1.

(3) Timing is another important factor.  We can all agree that if we are “making a living,” that means counting on a certain income within a certain time frame.  There is absolutely, unequivocally NO WAY that this can be controlled or managed in a surrogacy journey.  Surrogacy is a human journey, and not only can there be personal things that cause delays both on the IP and surrogate side of the equation, there are also any number of medical things that can arise.  Common examples are:

* Irregular periods
* Thyroid issues
* Response to medication
* A cyst/polyp/et al that wasn’t there before
* Failed embryo transfer
* Two failed embryo transfers
* Miscarriage
* Personal emergencies
* International pandemic
* Aliens
* Etc

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