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Creating a Support System During Surrogacy

When you decide to take the journey down the road as a surrogate, you’re providing an amazing gift that will last a lifetime. But along the way, you’ll realize that it is far from just a nine month experience. Many surrogates go on to develop a lasting relationship with their matched intended parents.

Of course, throughout pregnancy, your health is more important than ever. And throughout the surrogacy process, the singularity of the experience can be complex. Having a support system to reach out to when needed is just one important piece of the puzzle. Apart from taking care of yourself in healthy physical ways, you want to be able to reach out to friends and family throughout the process.

A social network is a system of various interpersonal links

According to Psychology Today, the network of your social connections includes both formal and informal links. This can include your extended or immediate family, coworkers, neighbors, support groups, friends, clubs, and more. This network provides different types of support, which can include emotional support, informational support—or guidance and advice, or instrumental support, which is understood as tasks such as personal assistance, like helping with chores and errands.

Since you’re taking on such an important role, reinforcing the walls of support around you is key to maintaining your health and general wellness.

Think of your support system like a toolkit—the friends and family you can turn to when you need a listening ear, those who can accompany you to doctor appointments and meetings, and much more. Seeking support at your place of work is also encouraged to help you throughout your experience—sometimes a colleague is a great source of personal support.

Adding support to your social network

Many surrogates have commented that their experience with a qualified surrogacy agency was key to the emotional and informational support they needed. Our busy lives can make it difficult to slow down and seek help when needed. At All Families Surrogacy, we’re here to provide the distinct support necessary for a positive surrogacy experience.

Christie, a surrogate, commented on her journey: “I always had my coordinator available to me for support and encouragement. I love having our surrogate facebook page to be able to support and encourage fellow surrogates. The support alone is what makes AFS the best from the rest of the agencies. You’re not a number with them, you’re a person, and they get to know you as a person and the details of your life. They learn your kids and spouse/partners name, they learn what you do for fun.”

Depending on the surrogacy agreement, you may or may not have contact with the intended parents after birth. However, we have found that many of our surrogates have gone on to have relationships with intended parents for years. Read Maggie & Kyle’s story.

If you’re curious about how you can get started, feel free to reach out. We’re here to answer all your questions from the moment you think surrogacy might be a path you’d like to take.

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