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Meet the Parents: B & I

1) Please introduce yourselves and your babies.


We are a gay couple, together since 2011, living in Shanghai. After 5 years together, we thought something is missing and then it came to realization that we wanted to started a BIGGER family, despites all the challenges and difficulties there might be ahead of us. So we started this surrogacy journey without thinking much through, with only one common believe that is this is what we both want.

We are now living a dream, a fulfilling and of course, much more thrilling (I meant busier) life than we could ever expected. Our first born is now almost 2-year and he is now running around, bossing my mum around while 2nd boy was just born this year and they are both what we could ever dreamt of.



2) How would you describe your surrogacy experience?


It’s a long process when you’re in it, but you will find out it’s worth every single waiting minute in the end. Surrogacy, I guess, it is like the same as any other couple trying to have a baby, with its natural up and downs. It certainly required planning, advice, and hand-holding moments, and we were so blessed that we have the professionals like AFS. They can always point out the right direction for us, when there is down’s and we were so blessed, as we were looking back – our journey was mostly smooth, which is quite miraculous.


3) What is the best thing about parenthood?


It is the loving and being loved part. As a same-sex couple, this brought so much love to our life in a way that we could not imagine, or ever hoped for. The house filled with two toddlers, and lots of diapers, certainly added so much work, but so much joy the same time. That joy has magically softened the gap between us and our parents as well.

是那种爱和被爱的感觉吧。 作为一对同性夫夫,这彻底的改变了我们的家庭和谐程度。这是非常意外的。 家里有了两个小娃之后,那些尿布背后,最大的惊喜是我们整个家庭,包括我们的父母,都比之前要融合得更好了。

4) How are/were your relationships with your surrogates?


We don’t like to brag. But in this case, we have to. We pretty sure that we had 2 of the most amazing, possibly the best surrogates, in the world. Both surrogates not only have the heart of gold, to do something that is so gracefully, but they did it through journeys that both of our babies were so well taken care of. That moment when we heard our babies burst out crying in the delivery room, we know our family not just gained by two more only. We still try to share moments of the joy they brought to our life, as much as we can, even when we are back in China.


5) What would you tell other parents considering surrogacy about working with AFS?


AFS is THE surrogacy agent to go for, especially when you are in same situation like us. AFS was founded because its natural understanding and compassionate for the LGBTQ community. This was the biggest reason we chose AFS in first place, as we trust that you can always understand our needs. While the journey carried on, we found out not only AFS has a solid ground on supporting LGBTQ community, it also treats the surrogate with great amount fairness and respect, and that is super important. Because of what you guys done so amazingly on both ends, AFS truly acted as a bridge crossing the entire journey. We would recommend AFS to everyone.


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