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Meet the Parents: David and Tomer

1) Please introduce yourselves and your babies:

Our names are David & Tomer and we are the parents of Almog (2 years & 4 months) and Gal (4 months). They were both born in Springfield, Oregon at the same hospital, same date (2 years minus 1 day apart) carried by the same surrogate. Both journeys were with All Families Surrogacy.

2) How would you describe your surrogacy experience:

Our experience with surrogacy made us realize there are real selfless, good-hearted people in the world.

3) What is the best thing about parenthood:

The endless amount of hugs and cuddles we receive and give to our kids and being able to experience love at such high volume.

4) What is your relationship with your surrogate:

We love our surrogate. She, her husband and their kids are like family to us. She has brought so much joy to our lives – twice! She’s still a part of our lives and we will forever be grateful for her.

5) What would you tell other parents considering surrogacy and working with AFS:

One of the best decisions we made in this journey was picking AFS as our agency. They were extremely useful in decision making starting from surrogate matching, all the way through the the pregnancy and all the other issues that occur during this complicated journey. We can’t thank them enough!

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