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Preparing Your Household for a New Baby

Bringing home a new baby can bring many mixed emotions. Although bringing a baby home can be a joyous occasion, you may also be a little nervous. There are a lot of preparations that need to be made before your baby’s arrival. You can alleviate some of the stress that a newborn can bring by making sure that your home is prepared beforehand. Below are a few tips to help you get ready to bring your new baby home.

Ready the Nursery

Before your baby comes home, you’ll need to have the nursery set up, which means having the right furniture.

You’re going to need a crib with a mattress and linens, a changing table, and a bassinet. Not only will you need to furnish the nursery, but you’ll need some essentials as well. Stock up on baby wipes, onesies, and plenty of diapers. Be sure to have these nursery necessities before you bring your new baby home to be fully prepared.

Baby-proof the House

Safety should be a top priority when prepping your home for a baby. Eliminate the risk of injury by installing safety latches, locks, and baby gates. You can never be too cautious when it comes to having a baby. Make sure your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are working properly and check them regularly. Simple additions such as outlet covers and furniture padding can go a long way when it comes to keeping your baby safe.

Prepare Members of your Household

You’re prepared to bring your baby home, but others might not be. If you have other children, family members, or pets, a new baby can bring a lot of change and excitement to your home. Explaining the new addition to children may present some challenges, but reassurance and communication will assist in the transition. However, when it comes to pets, they won’t understand until their routine changes. Before the baby arrives, slowly make alterations to your pet’s routine to prepare them for when the baby comes home. Try gradually introducing your pet to the sounds and smells of a newborn, allowing the pet to have time to adapt to this new environment.

Remember that your baby’s arrival home will be a dynamic change, but if you prepare yourself and your home, you can make the transition much easier and focus on the joy that your new baby will bring.

Make Renovations or Improvements

Right now, your home is perfect. There is just the right amount of space for everyone in your house. Soon, with the new addition to your family, you’re going to need extra space. You might only need to make improvements to a spare bedroom or home office for the nursery, but you might need to completely renovate an unfinished room in your house. Depending on your current home size, the scope of this project can vary but be prepared to make necessary safety updates and make the space comfortable for both you and the baby. Renovations aren’t cheap, so if you’re planning on making improvements to your home, it’s important to explore financing options that work for you. Consider utilizing a cash-out refinance to help with the costs. Refinancing your mortgage with this option allows you to leverage your home equity and turn it into cash that you can use for a nursery addition along with any other baby-related expenses.

Plan for Help

While you many think you can do it all on your own, there may be times when you really want someone around to help a lending hand. Whether that’s housework, or watching your baby when you take a shower or go for a walk, looking into help ahead of time will let you know your options and the going rate. A postpartum doula can be a great service to tired parents.


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