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Surrogacy Resources for Carriers and Intended Parents

Starting a surrogacy journey – whether you are an Intended Parent or a gestational carrier – is a huge undertaking. You will have lots of new experiences that are often atypical when compared to natural conception and even traditional surrogacy. Since the journey (and the price tag) are much more involved, it’s expected that you will want to do your research before diving into this intense and amazing choice. To help with that, we’ve collected some great surrogacy resources for carriers and intended parents alike.

Resources for Gestational Carriers

Stories from the Stork: This blog site belongs to Stacy Heidel, a two-time gestational surrogate who started a blog journey once her own desire to become a carrier was met with the blank stares of people who had no clue what gestational surrogacy is. This is a very family-oriented, personal look at one person’s journey as a surrogate.

Everything Conceivable: How Assisted Reproduction is Changing Men, Women, and the World by Liza Mundy: This book is an in-depth look at advancements in reproductive technology and how they are changing the way we build families all around the world, written by a journalist.

Resources for Intended Parents

Successful Surrogacy: An Intended Parents’ Guide to a Rewarding Relationship with Their Surrogate Mother by Susan MZ Fuller: This book covers the gestational surrogacy process from the perspective of the intended parents.

Men Having Babies: All Families Surrogacy is a member of the MHB community, and their website has a ton of great resources for gay men who are looking into surrogacy options to build their family. Our favorite features of their website are the different library collections and other resource lists that are available for your perusal:

Resources for COVID Concerns

“Ethics of Surrogacy During COVID-19 Pandemic” Article: Men Having Babies shared a thoughtful and educational article about what to expect if you are trying to start your surrogacy journey during the coronavirus pandemic.

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) also has some resources discussing the ins and outs of surrogacy in the time of COVID-19, including this document on vaccines as well as general news and gestational surrogacy resources.

General Surrogacy Resources

Oregon Reproductive Medicine (ORM Fertility): All Families Surrogacy is a member of ORM, which is an organization with a very similar purpose to ours. They have a number of great resources on their site from scientific papers and publications to blog articles about PCOS and advice from fertility experts.

Fertility Cafe: This podcast is hosted by Eloise Drane, a six-time egg donor and three-time surrogate. In each of the weekly episodes, she talks about fertility, alternative family building, and much more.

All Families Surrogacy is Your Ultimate Resource for All Things Surrogacy

Here at All Families Surrogacy, our team is comprised mostly of experienced surrogates, so we have a unique understanding of your surrogacy journey. We have our own collection of helpful information and memberships, which you can find on our Resources page. And check back every month for the latest news and insights on our Surrogacy Blog.

Are you interested in starting your own surrogacy journey with us? Call today at (503) 936-7960 or send us an email: info@allfamiliessurrogacy.com.

For more about the gestational carrier expectations and requirements, click here. And for more about how to become Intended Parents and the anticipated costs, click here.

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