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Surrogate Series: Finding Peace In Slowing Down

The process to be approved to be a gestational surrogate, get matched, and finalize a contract has been lengthy. Seriously, it feels like so long ago that I was filling out my inquiry form and talking over taking that first step with my husband.

I just signed the official contract and am about to start my medications, and I have been getting all introspective and reflecting on the process so far. It is frustrating to wait, but I appreciate that all the steps are important and necessary. At first I was totally impatient and excited and ready to go RIGHT NOW, but now I feel more peaceful and contemplative about the journey.

I feel so, so grateful to have to opportunity to do this. I am so thankful for the intended fathers that I was matched with, and their kind and caring approach to our relationship. I am full of gratitude to them for allowing me to be part of such an intimate and important thing in their life, and I feel the weight of that responsibility heavily. I also feel such happy anticipation as everything begins to feel more real. And I’m also a little afraid of giving myself shots, but you know… worth it!

Surrogacy is a long and exciting journey, and Nicole has invited us to join her for hers from start to finish. Follow along as Nicole shares important milestones and her thoughts along the way.

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