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3 Ways Intended Parents Can Financially Prepare for Surrogacy

Growing your family via surrogacy is a big and exciting decision. Much like buying a home or vehicle, the cost of surrogacy can be expensive. Preparing financially and doing the research ahead of time is crucial, so you know exactly what to expect. At All Families Surrogacy, we provide a wide range of affordable surrogacy programs so that families can choose the best option for their situation and needs.

Finding helpful ways to pay for the surrogacy program can seem overwhelming at first. Just because it can be costly, doesn’t mean it’s not realistically achievable. Below are four tips for intended parents to help financially prepare for their surrogacy journey.

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Set up a Savings Account

Depending on your timeline for when you’re looking to proceed with the surrogacy process, setting money aside well in advance is encouraged. Set up a separate savings account that you can contribute to weekly or monthly, depending on what you can afford. You’d be surprised how fast the money will start to add up by setting funds aside early.

Some parents also establish a family budget to follow, so they can continue to comfortably contribute money to the savings account. In life, there are many bills and expenses to pay for. Think of expenses you can break down or eliminate. Eating out, shopping, subscriptions, or streaming services are all costly expenses you should consider lowering or cutting out of your budget completely. If you need more money available per month to help contribute to the savings account, and also to feel more secure paying for other expenses, consider a 30-year mortgage payment. This will allow you to keep your payments low and have a locked-in fixed interest rate that’ll never increase. Finding ways to help save more for your future surrogacy journey early on, will allow you to feel more prepared when it comes time to pay for those costs.


Talk to a Financial Advisor

Talking with a financial advisor will help you better understand exactly what you can afford and how to prepare for it. The advisor will take a look at your income and savings to see how stable your finances are and help create a plan to budget for the surrogacy fees. Financial advisors are very straightforward, so they’ll give you advice and a roadmap on how to navigate the financial journey and goals of paying for the process. Not only will they guide you, but they can also help you visualize exactly how much money you’re spending, putting into retirement accounts, savings, and what your future financial road map looks like. Dealing with big financial decisions, like surrogacy, can be overwhelming, but getting help from a professional will allow you to better prepare and budget for the expenses.

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Lean on Friends, Family, and Your Community

Big financial decisions can be stressful, especially if you’re searching for all the help you can get. Remember to lean on your friends and family for assistance. They may even be willing to help with some of the costs. You might also want to consider starting a GoFundMe to share your family-building story with your community. Hosting a family-friendly fundraiser in your community to help raise awareness and money for the surrogacy journey would also be a great way to bring people together. A few fundraiser options are a car wash, selling baked goods, a golf tournament, or a silent auction. You can also do an online fundraiser to help raise proceeds if this better fits your schedule and needs.

Keep in mind that all intended parents’ journeys are different and unique in their own way. Saving ahead of time, securing the right path for your family, leaning on the help of others, and getting guidance along the way are great ways to help you understand what’s the best way to finance your journey.

Are you interested in learning more about the surrogacy journey or the overall process? For more information, contact All Families Surrogacy today at (503) 906-7960 or email us at info@allfamiliessurrogacy.com.


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