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How Much Does a Surrogate Cost in Oregon?

The dream of building or growing your own family can become reality with the help of an experienced and trusted surrogacy agency. All Families Surrogacy is here to guide you through the process from start to finish.

For many intended parents, the absolute joy of raising children is priceless. However, a number of services are needed to make the surrogacy journey happen. While several surrogacy expenses determine the overall cost, including an agency’s program fee, surrogate compensation, and reimbursement for expenses, additional professional fees such as medical services are also a financial factor for the journey.

With most agencies, the average cost for surrogacy in Oregon is between $100,000 to $210,000. All Families Surrogacy believes intended parents shouldn’t have to put off pursuing their dream of growing their family because of high agency fees. AFS fees are affordable and below the industry average because of this goal shared by our founder and staff.

We value transparency at All Families Surrogacy. Knowing what to expect financially when preparing for surrogacy costs is essential. As of this writing, our total estimated predictable costs range from $96,000 to $145,000, depending on the program and the level of support you need throughout the process. This article will help you better understand the details that determine the overall surrogacy cost.

Here are the expected surrogacy costs in Oregon for 2022 and beyond:


Oregon Surrogacy Costs: How much is the AFS Full Service Program?

Our Full Service program is our most popular option as it gives intended parents and their surrogate the most extensive care and support throughout the entire surrogacy journey. Not only does the package include recruiting excellent gestational carriers, but you can also expect comprehensive screening of candidates, a dedicated coordinator at All Families Surrogacy for you and your surrogate, pregnancy and postpartum care for surrogates and parents, and so much more.

Here’s a comprehensive list of other benefits of the Full Service program:

    • Facilitation of surrogate match meetings


    • Coordination of home visits with social workers


    • Coordination of legal counsel for contracts and parentage


    • Coordination of fertility clinics and medical professionals


    • Coordination with insurance professionals for health, life, and newborn insurance


    • Coordination with escrow professionals to manage funds


    • Coordination of medical and psychological screenings


    • Coordination of surrogate’s travel


    • Management service of medical bills


    • Regular online support groups and events with surrogates


The total estimated predictable cost for the Full Service program ranges from $110,000 to $145,000. Additional fees such as international newborn insurance and IVF/egg donor/clinic medical fees need to be considered as well.

The costs mentioned in this article are meant to help you in planning your surrogacy journey and are only an estimate. Several factors can determine the overall cost of surrogacy and yours may cost more or less depending on these factors.

Interested in learning more about the expected costs of our Full Service Program? Download our estimated cost sheet here! (Updated as of July 2022)


Oregon Surrogacy Costs: How Much is the AFS Case Management Program?

The Case Management Program is ideal for intended parents who wish to recruit their own gestational surrogate/s. Once your chosen surrogate is introduced to All Families Surrogacy and they sign our Agency Agreement, the Case Management Program will include everything that our Full Service Program provides as well.

Our Case Management Program’s total estimated predictable cost ranges from $96,000 to $128,000. For a more thorough breakdown of the Case Management Program fees, download our estimated cost sheet! (Updated as of July 2022)


Are Financing Options Available For Oregon Surrogacy Costs?

Surrogacy expenses in Oregon can be balanced with both personal savings and financing options that help intended parents use their available resources to split up their family planning costs. Depending on their unique financial situation, several options to meet surrogacy costs in Oregon include fertility financing loans, home equity loans, 401(k) plans, donations/loans from friends and family, and more.

For healthcare financing, All Families Surrogacy recommends Prosper Healthcare Lending.

Are you interested in learning more about Oregon surrogacy costs or our overall process? We want to help you begin your journey to parenthood with confidence. For more information on our services, contact All Families Surrogacy today at (503) 936-7960 or send us an email: info@allfamiliessurrogacy.com.


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