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AFS 2nd Annual Surrogate Retreat

In August, All Families Surrogacy celebrated its 2nd Annual Surrogate Retreat in beautiful Carlton, Oregon. Past, present, and future surrogates gathered with AFS staff over the weekend for the relaxing, luau-themed event. The scenic ranch setting and gorgeous weather set the perfect backdrop for surrogates to support one another and form new friendships. “Surrogate Retreat: a place where all the women have a very special thing in common, being a surrogate. We’re all out for the same thing, to help make and build families and memories,” said SA, a surrogate who attended the retreat.

After an afternoon of lounging by the pool as guests rolled in, attendees played a rousing game of Cards Against Humanity and took turns taking photo booth pictures. In the evening, a Hawaiian dinner was served, catered by Taste of 808. A trio of Hawaiian dancers performed at sunset; the show was followed by an amusing and informational lesson in Polynesian dance! Kudos to those surrogates in their last trimester who joined in!

“I loved everything, I loved being able to meet and talk to other people who can relate to the surrogacy process, there was a ton of food, and I also enjoyed watching the dancers.” said HC, a surrogate with AFS, “It was all around an amazing experience and I can’t wait to go again.”

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