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Halloween Celebration with AFS

On October 16, All Families Surrogacy hosted a Halloween family event at Play Boutique Progress Ridge in Beaverton, Oregon. Ghosts, goblins, superheroes and mermaids converged on the indoor playground for a day of celebrating AFS surrogates and their families. Those interested in surrogacy also joined in the festivities, with staff and surrogates available to answer questions. “This place is awesome!” said a skeleton, as he entered the indoor play area. “I really like the bouncy house,” said a Flametrooper, referring to the indoor inflatable castle, “I jumped all over the place!” A few princesses suggested their favorite part of the party was the spooky Halloween treats. Whatever the highlight, the children agreed the party was a blast.

Halloween Celebration

A special appearance was made by surrogate T, who had delivered a baby girl ten days earlier. The new parents and their daughter arrived to celebrate with the entire AFS community. Many people seized the opportunity to get in some Halloween baby snuggles. Toward the end of the event, surrogates, intended parents, staff, children, and babies gathered in the indoor playground for a picture. Miraculously, the children all sat still long enough to snap a few photos; Halloween magic must have been in the air! “It’s so touching to see this photo,” said Founder & Director Carey Flamer-Powell, “AFS has come so far and all of these people have been a part of that. I love it!”

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