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AFS to Support Two Oregon Organizations for #GivingTuesday

All Families Surrogacy has made the exciting leap to join #GivingTuesday in support of two Oregon organizations. Falling on November 29 this year – after Black Friday and Cyber Monday – #GivingTuesday is an international day of giving that brings people together to donate money, goods, or time to organizations of their choosing. You can learn more about #GivingTuesday and some of the fantastic fundraisers it has inspired by visiting www.givingtuesday.org. AFS has selected two organizations to support this year: Mother & Child Education Center and Basic Rights Oregon. Our goal is to come together as a community of surrogates, intended parents, and agency partners to donate to these causes. Mother & Child Education Center – momchildpdx.org/ 
This Portland-based non-profit provides emergency supplies and services to parents in need at no cost. Services include free pregnancy testing, parent counseling, and a 24/7 crisis line. They also provide clothes for pregnant and nursing mothers, as well as supplies for babies and young children. We are organizing a drive to provide many of these necessities to Mother & Child Education Center; a complete list of most-needed items can be found here. Basic Rights Oregon – www.basicrights.org
 As one of the largest organizations in Oregon serving the LGBTQ community, Basic Rights Oregon works to ensure equality through public policy. For 20 years, they have battled anti-gay ballot measures within the state; last year, Oregon was recognized as the second-most LGBTQ-friendly state in the nation, in part due to legislative victories championed by Basic Rights Oregon. AFS is committed to making a financial contribution to this organization on #GivingTuesday by matching up to the first $1000 in donations collected by our strong community.

UPDATE: Our donation page is now live for direct contributions to Basic Rights Oregon! AFS will regularly provide updates and information on our page dedicated to this year’s #GivingTuesday project. Our hope is that we will join together to make a significant contribution to both organizations on November 29. If you would like to play a part in this year’s AFS #GivingTuesday, please contact us and share your thoughts!

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