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Surrogate Series: Meet Nicole

Surrogacy is a long and exciting journey, and Nicole has invited us to join her for hers from start to finish. Follow along as Nicole shares important milestones and her thoughts along the way. In this introduction, we get to meet Nicole at the start of her journey.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself: how many children do you have? Where do you live? What are your hobbies?

My husband and I have two kids, 18 months and almost 3 years old. They are both so sweet and active and full of sass and they keep us busy and laughing all the time. They are the light of our lives. We live in Bend, Oregon. I am licensed as a mental health counselor and I work in the Emergency room of our local hospital, which I really enjoy. I try and get outside in this beautiful place where we live as much as possible. I love hiking, camping, running, and kayaking. I also like reading, knitting, crocheting, and embroidery when I am stuck inside.

2. Where are you are in your journey as of today?

We are still in the beginning. We have done a whole bunch of screenings and appointments to get approved, and now we are matched with a couple in Israel. We are in the process of working out our contract with our attorneys and hopefully soon I can start medications to get my body ready for pregnancy. It’s really nice and exciting being matched. It is fun texting with the dads and getting to know them.

3. What made you first decide to become a surrogate?

I’m not sure when I first decided to do it, because it’s something I’ve always been interested in. There’s multiple reasons I decided to go ahead with it. I really love pregnancy and childbirth. I know how much I wanted to be a parent, and how much my family means to me. Giving someone their children like this seems like a really sacred opportunity. And lastly the money- it’s always taboo to talk about money, but it is an important factor too. This isn’t something I would do for the money if I wasn’t already called to do it, but its a cool thing for my family- a way to give us more stability and some opportunities we wouldn’t have had otherwise.

4. What has been the biggest surprise to you about surrogacy so far?

The matching process! Before hand I worried that I wouldn’t know if it was a good fit or not, and I thought it would be hard to decide. It wasn’t like that at all! As soon as we talked with the dads I felt really good about going forward with them. I just felt totally sure that it was the right couple.

5. What are you most looking forward to in your journey?

All of it! But probably seeing the dads with their new baby (or babies!). What could be better than that?

6. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be and who would you take with you on the trip?

This is a tough one! But I’m thinking cuddling up with my husband in a little cabin watching the northern lights over a Norwegian fjord sounds pretty perfect. Although…I would also be pretty excited about taking my kids to Hawaii and letting them spend all day on the beach.

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