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Questions to Ask Yourself Before Considering Surrogacy

If you’re entertaining the thought of becoming a surrogate, it’s likely that you’re overwhelmed with a wave of emotions. For starters, you’ve simply become drawn to the opportunity to provide a life for others. Many potential surrogates find themselves surprised at what can seem like a sudden, inexplicable desire to help another person or couple build their family.

It’s important to approach the thought from a logical standpoint, apart from the emotions you feel. How will you know whether you’re actually ready to embark on this journey or not?

A few questions you might be considering:

Why am I considering this?

Will I be in contact with the intended parents?

How would this affect my family?

Will I be compensated?

Is this the right decision?

How will I start this process?

Many surrogates find that they are attracted to the idea of providing a priceless gift to others who want to experience the joy of parenthood. That’s really all that is necessary to start this journey. If you are feeling the pull toward giving the gift of life to others, it is worthwhile to explore why you are feeling this way. Reaching out to an agency is the next step, to see if you qualify to become a surrogate.

Surrogates often develop long-lasting bonds with intended parents.

Not every intended parent-surrogate relationship will be the same. However, many do find that intended parents and surrogates become like family to one another. A surrogacy agency should help to assure that intended parents and surrogates are paired well, and take a hands-on approach with both parties to help navigate all elements of the process.

Studies have shown that most gestational carriers “do not generally experience major problems in their relationship with the commissioning couple, in handing over the baby, or from the reactions of those around them.”

A good surrogacy agency will make sure that you just feel that the match is right with your intended parents. You will choose the intended parents you work with, and they will also choose you. There is no forcing or anyone else choosing the match for you. When that match is made, you’ll be able to decide how you’d often you’d like to communicate with the intended parents and what kind of relationship you will have.

There’s no doubt that surrogacy will have a huge impact on your family.

That’s why a top-notch surrogacy agency should be available to assist. By simply remaining available as a personal form of support, good surrogacy agencies help to assure that any concerns are addressed as soon as possible.

We’re here to guide you along with your family in adapting to the surrogacy process.

Ideal surrogate candidates decide to undergo the surrogacy process after having completed their own family. The surrogacy journey will have a large impact on partners and children emotionally, and in the form of time and energy. It is important that the entire family is in agreement and on board with the surrogacy journey. When they are, the process can be a wonderful growing experience for everyone. In addition, the compensation received by the surrogate will benefit the family and maybe even help them achieve a goal, such as a down payment on a house, or college tuition for an older child.

We provide comprehensive compensation for all our surrogates.

It’s normal to wonder about the financial compensation, apart from the emotional reasons behind your choice to become a surrogate. All surrogates are compensated for their time and energy for their efforts during a surrogacy journey.

Think of us as an extension of the physical care you will receive before, during, and after surrogacy.

The majority of our staff have been surrogates at one point, and we use our firsthand experience to provide comprehensive emotional and logistical support. This insures that your surrogacy journey is safe, ethical and supported. We’re here for you when you need us. Read more about our team’s passion for all things surrogacy.

It can also be beneficial to read the stories of others who have completed the surrogacy process. Our testimonials detail the experiences of our past surrogates and intended parents, who have found compassion, care, and personal relationships in working with All Families Surrogacy.

We can’t tell you if surrogacy is the right decision for you or not, but we can certainly help to understand the process and requirements involved.

All Families Surrogacy is here to help you ask the right questions and understand the answers. No matter to what degree you are considering becoming a surrogate, our gestational carrier intake form will begin the conversation and help us to get to know you — and for you to get to know us.

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