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Surrogate Spotlight: Christie

1) Please summarize your surrogacy journey thus far.

I started my first surrogacy journey in June 2016, matched with an IP from China in October 2016, transferred two embryos in March 2017, then delivered twin boys in November 2017. I matched for my second journey in March 2018, but that match fell through in April, then I rematch with an amazing couple from Israel in August 2018. We transferred two embryos in December 2018, then just delivered a baby girl in August 2019.

2) Where are you in your surrogacy journey?

I recently completed my second journey.

3) Tell us a little about yourself and why you decided to become a surrogate.

I was lucky enough to meet my husband at 17, and once I finished high school, I knew I wanted to be a mother, so we decided to start our family early. We have a son named Riley, and a daughter named Marley. I decided to be a surrogate because my mom had fertility issues, and IVF helped my parents have my sisters and I. We’re triplets. I figured since my family is complete, I’m young, and healthy, and wanted to help create a family.

4) What do you enjoy most about being a surrogate?

Seeing how happy my IPs were when they saw their baby for the first time was what I enjoyed the most of my journeys.

5) How has the decision to become a surrogate changed you?

Deciding to become a surrogate has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I feel like surrogacy was something that I was meant to do. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to not do just one journey, but two.

6) What is the communication and relationship like with your IPs?

My relationship with my first IP is good, but we only talk to each other every few months. My relationship with my IPs for my second journey is incredible. We feel like we are now apart of each other’s family now. I feel so close to them, and know that our relationship is only going to grow closer as time goes on. I’m really excited to see what the future holds for us.

7) How was your experience working with AFS?

Working with AFS has been incredible. I never had a single issue, or complaint in either of my journeys. My coordinator was always there for me every step of the way, even when I needed advice, or had questions anytime day or night. I feel like we are an extended family, all the staff and my surro sisters.

8) What advice would you give to women considering surrogacy?

Make sure you have a great support system. Surrogacy is very unpredictable, and sometimes there can be complications, so having support makes it a little easier.

9) What would you tell surrogates considering AFS as their agency?

Go with AFS! You will be welcomed into the AFS family with open arms, and I know you’ll never regret choosing them!

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