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Understanding the Process as LGBTQ+ Parents

When choosing a surrogacy agency, it’s important to pick an agency that you feel best fits with your outlook and lifestyle, whatever that may be. As an LGBTQ+ individual, your experience of surrogacy, like any other important decision-making process, should be informed by those who know the intimate details of the process and what you will go through.

As the surrogacy industry develops, it has become more common than ever for LGBTQ+ couples to add to their families with the process of gestational surrogacy. Of course, the process for LGBTQ+ couples will be different from than that of heterosexual parents. In addition, depending on the state, same-sex couples may have more or less the same difficulty in applying to become intended parents.

The LGBTQ+ movement has encouraged and promoted the concept that same-sex couples should be as able to add to their family as heterosexual couples are able. This has brought prevalence and publicity to the industry, especially as same-sex celebrities and public figures have utilized surrogacy to add to their families.

Surrogacy is always evolving, moving toward inclusivity and diversity. As an LGBTQ+-owned agency, we understand firsthand the perspective of our clients that come from similar backgrounds.

Differences in the Surrogacy Process

If you’re an LGBTQ+-identified couple and are exploring the idea of surrogacy, there are important differences in the process to be aware about.

Deciding who is genetically related to the child

In surrogacy and IVF there are many permutations to the biological makeup of the child, and what genetic material is used. Most heterosexual couples use their own genetic material, if they’re able to, but LGBTQ+ parents will need to choose either an egg or sperm donor (or both), and may face decision of which parent will the biologically related to the child.

Knowing where your surrogate may live

In addition, it’s important to be aware that not all states in the U.S. allow for individuals to go into a surrogacy agreement. Many of the same challenges that heterosexual couples face in surrogacy are experienced by same-sex couples as well, but some states make it harder for same-sex couples to attain parentage. Knowing where it’s legal and working with a reputable attorney is key.

How to choose the right agency

Some same-sex intended parents occasionally find that some agencies are not as welcoming to them as with heterosexual couples. Of course, with AFS, this will never be the case. We pride ourselves with working primarily with the LGBTQ+ community.

We’re also skilled at helping LGBTQ+ individuals to work through the process of becoming a gestational carrier (having done so ourselves!).

Why you’ll want to work with AFS

At All Families Surrogacy, our LGBTQ+-founded agency is composed of employees who have experienced the surrogacy process as surrogates, and we understand the importance of inclusivity across all platforms—especially when you’re deciding to expand your family. We provide support and advice that directly stems from our experience in the industry and with a wide range of backgrounds.

Take a look at our testimonials. We have assisted a broad range of intended parents and surrogates. Did you know that we have served intended parents in over a dozen countries across the world?

If you are an LGBTQ+ couple interested in becoming intended parents, check out the resources below:

A Yale study covering a group of gay men seeking parenthood through assisted reproduction

Men Having Babies provides a wide variety of resources for same-sex male couples exploring surrogacy.

If you’d like to open up the conversation about surrogacy, we’re happy to help. Fill out our Contact form, or apply to be a Gestational Surrogate here or Intended Parent here.

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