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Meet the Parents: Gal & Gilles

 Gal & Gilles

1) Please introduce yourselves and your baby.

Gal & Gilles: we are a binational gay couple living in San Francisco, Gilles is from France and Gal is from Israel. We met in San Francisco 6 years ago and decided to use surrogacy as a way to extend our family. Our adorable twin babies, Talia and Ethan, were born in Oregon and we could not have wished for a better experience with our surrogate, the clinic and everyone that helped us along the way.

2) How would you describe your surrogacy experience?

It has been a life-changing experience, not just because of the outcome but also because of the journey. Our surrogate, her husband and their family are now part of our extended family. We went through this journey together as a team and we are forever grateful for everything our surrogate and her husband did along the way. As our babies are growing up and becoming little humans, our love for them is growing to levels that we could not have imagined before. Our surrogate gave us the gift of parenthood and the unconditional love that comes with it.

 Gal & Gilles

3) What is the best thing about parenthood?

Watching these 2 little munchkins growing up has been the best thing ever in the world. They learned something new every day and we find ourselves laughing and recording every single step, even insignificant, along the way.

4) How is/was your relationship with your surrogate?

We learned to know each other along the way and we became friends. I do think AFS somehow managed to make a match In heaven.

5) What would you tell other parents considering surrogacy and working with AFS?

Be emotionally and financially ready for at least 1 small set back along the way. You will go through a lengthy process involving an egg donor, lawyers, a surrogate, a clinic and a 9-month pregnancy. At some point along the way, something is not going to go as planned and when it happens, just take a deep breath, assess the situation and keep going. It will all make sense in the end.

 Gal & Gilles
 Gal & Gilles

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