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Surrogate Spotlight: Sarah

1) Please summarize your surrogacy journey thus far.

I delivered twins in October 2017. I started the process with AFS in March 2016, was matched by June with my Intended Mothers. The connection from the first Zoom call was amazing and we were so excited. From the embryo transfer, all the way to the end, it was a great pregnancy. I delivered via c-section at 38 weeks. They were loved from the moment they entered into the world.

2) Where are you in your surrogacy journey?

I am almost 2 years postpartum, and recently approved for a second journey.

3) Tell us a little about yourself and why you decided to become a surrogate.

I had 2 miscarriages when we started to try and have our own babies and we were devastated. The thought of not being able to have a baby was hard, and we had mixed emotions. I started looking at alternative options just in case. A couple months later, we were pregnant with our little girl. That little girl is 7 years old in November. When she was 6 months old, I looked at my husband and said “if she is our only, I am ok with that!”, he agreed. I asked him, well if we don’t want any more, can I have one for someone else? He said absolutely! We’d been down that road, and would hope that if it had gone in a different direction, that maybe someone would be there to help us. I started looking into agencies, and one day, AFS popped up on my facebook page. For some reason, all signs pointed to YES! I met the AFS team, and started to get to know the other surrogates, and fell in love with it all.

4) What do you enjoy most about being a surrogate?

The best feeling in the world, is knowing that you’re doing something absolutely amazing for someone else. The best feeling is when you get to see the parents, holding those babies for the first time and taking it all in. It’s the moment that they went from “prospective parent” to just “parent”, and you helped! It’s almost a euphoric high, you just can’t stop being happy for them.

5) How has the decision to become a surrogate changed you?

I think it urged me to continue to work towards becoming a nurse. I’ve always sat on the fence if that’s what I wanted to do, but going through the whole process it all intrigued me and made me want to be more involved and help more people, especially labor and delivery. I love it.

6) What is the communication and relationship like with your IPs?

I am in contact with the mothers every few months. I get pictures and little videos here and there, we touch base on what they’re up to and what we are up to as well.

7) How was your experience working with AFS?

I can honestly say that I loved my journey with AFS. The support and camaraderie with the other fellow surrogates is awesome! AFS staff members are great, and there was never a time that I felt alone or didn’t have any and all my questions answered.

8) What advice would you give to women considering surrogacy?

To make sure they research agencies, and making sure that they are being heard with their questions and concerns. You are doing something for someone else and putting yourself through a lot of work, but it’s absolutely rewarding!

9) What would you tell surrogates considering AFS as their agency.

I always had my coordinator available to me for support and encouragement. I love having our surrogate facebook page to be able to support and encourage fellow surrogates. The support alone is what makes AFS the best from the rest of the agencies. You’re not a number with them, you’re a person, and they get to know you as a person and the details of your life. They learn your kids and spouse/partners name, they learn what you do for fun. They organize surrogate get-togethers, so you can meet fellow AFS surrogates in person and have kid friendly get-togethers as well. All Families Surrogacy was the best decision I made when starting my surrogacy journey.

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