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When Should I Decide to Explore Surrogacy?

Everyone is different, and pregnancy is never the same from one individual to the next. When fertility or pregnancy complications occur, one may begin to consider surrogacy. For some, pregnancy presents a number of complications:


The issue of infertility has given way to a number of revolutionary techniques and medical solutions for becoming pregnant. However, for some, undergoing endless reproductive treatments can prove to be mentally and physically exhausting. When that happens, surrogacy might be a good option to consider.

Reproductive issues

A number of reproductive issues can prevent women from attempting to conceive at all. While rare, malformations such as the lack of a uterus, or Müllerian agenesis, eliminates the possibility of conception entirely.

Other examples of reproductive issues are uterine structural issues, such as septate uterus, which would affect the ability to conceive. While some uterine problems may not prevent conception, they may increase the inability to carry to term or present other dangerous conditions.

Other medical problems

There are a number of other health problems that can pose a risk to gestation and a fetus.

For example, anemia, diabetes, high blood pressure, and chronic migraines can pose certain health risks, such as preeclampsia, preterm birth, placental abruption, and others.

While not all types of health issues pose a high risk, they can cause recurrent miscarriages, which can prompt some couples or potential mothers to explore the potential of surrogacy.

Prescription medication interactions and risks

Some prospective parents learn that certain prescriptions they take can pose a risk during pregnancy. Some might choose to have a medical professional carefully monitor any effects of the medication throughout the pregnancy. Or, there may be an option to switch to a safer medication.

However, that is not possible for everyone—some take life-saving medications that cannot be changed. If that is the case, a doctor may advise you to not undergo a risky pregnancy.

There is no shame in choosing to select surrogacy in lieu of having a baby on your own. There are many wonderful fertility clinics

You want to be your best self for your baby.

Same-sex couples and surrogacy

Of course, surrogacy is a wonderful family building option for same-sex couples and LGBTQ+ individuals, who desire a biological connection to their child.

At All Families Surrogacy, we are committed to the expansion and inclusivity of the surrogacy community. As an LGBTQ+ owned-facility, we have a firsthand understanding of the unique experience of same-sex couple surrogacy. We have helped a number of same-sex couples complete the surrogacy process. Take a look at our testimonials here.

We’re well-versed in the decision-making process when it comes to deciding on surrogacy as a parenting option. There’s no one perfect answer to the question: of course, everyone is going to have a different path to this decision. You want to receive the best advice out there, and talk to those who know the intricacies of this decision-making process. Get in touch today and we can start the conversation.

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